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Newsflash - New Ovens/Furnaces

We are now building new air circulation Ovens/ Furnace to Aerospace specifications.

We supply Used Furnaces, refurbished furnaces, sealed quench furnaces, used and second hand as well as High & Low Temperature ovens worldwide.


Click on our STOCKLIST for a full range of used furnaces, refurbished furnaces and ovens. If you wish to sell heat treatment furnaces, quench furnaces, large vacuum furnaces we can add it to our stock or sell it on your behalf, as fully refurbished furnaces.


We offer a full Furnace Installation Service including upgrades, refurbishment carried out by skilled Furnace Engineers.

Our international installations of used furnaces, sealed quench furnaces and fully refurbished furnaces include South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia including China, Pakistan, India, South Africa Germany, Spain, France, South America.

Aluminium solution and precipitation Ovens to Aerospace standards